…to finish

Hari Om

Full circle. The A-Z challenge is complete and so is my time on this platform. It is an elegance that the verb ‘to finish’ in Sanskrit should be a word which begins with “A”!

It all began with Ahangkaara. If you have arrived here wondering what to read, you can click that link and then forward through in order from the bottom of each page. One could, of course, simply close this site, but why not let it stand as a beacon? It may yet serve purpose.

As comments are closed on the posts themselves, here, should you wish to ask a question, please use the contacts form on the bio page (top right). Note that regular blogging is taking place in the links you see on the sidebar.  For Vedanta and comparative posts, click through to Aatmaavrajanam.

Author: Yamini Ali MacLean

Through blogging I teach (Advaita Vedanta), I blether (and cackle), and I share (with images). Philosopher, meditator, seeker (finder), reader, creator... striving to be the best human being I can be on any given day.